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Just last week, your Vegansaurs were kind enough to post a blurb I wrote encouraging everyone to come out to Food Empowerment Project’s first official event. It was a smashing success and I hope some readers were in the crowd.

BUT! I’ve returned with an even more important request.

For many years, folks have rightly bemoaned  the lack of accessible resources and support for new vegans. Sure, there’s a constant push to “make new vegans,” to educate folks on the issues and encourage them to move away from consuming animals. That important work is going strong, and it’s part of what F.E.P. strives to do, too. But what about folks who come to agree but find themselves struggling, for whatever reason, a month or two in?

To plug this kind of gap, F.E.P. is trying to launch Food Chain, a vegan retention newsletter.  In 12 monthly installments, it will provide new vegans with a booster of information, ideas, and encouragement to keep them in the fold. Our goal is to make Food Chain freely available to individuals who are considering veganism, or who’ve recently decided to pursue a more healthful and compassionate way of life. 

The content’s already prepared and the layout done (and they look awesome – F.E.P. founder lauren Ornelas shows them in the linked video), but we need funds for broader production and distribution to make this work. The campaign is just past its halfway point and we’re  more than halfway to our target, but we desperately need some help pushing it across the finish line.

I’m very aware that times are tough for a lot of us,  but if you could chip in anything, it would be supremely appreciated. (You also get cool shit, so there’s that.) Maybe skip that last beer/coffee/ill-advised delivery order and donate instead? Hit up your friends/family/neighborhood tech billionaires? Share this on your networks, especially?

Anything would help, for real. This could be a rad thing that helps new vegans stay vegan, while drawing attention to a whole range of issues. It would be nice if F.E.P. could pull it off for free (like basically everything else we do), but we can’t on this one.*

So, HELP OUT IF YOU CAN is the point. And spread the word, please and thank you.

* (Unless you run a pro bono union print shop that uses recycled materials and environmentally safe ink, and also have a really profound in with USPS – in which case, call me!)

Guest post by Rick Kelley!! 

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