This is Barley, an adult shepherd mix who needs a home! How cute is he? My friend’s family is fostering him and looking for a great person to adopt him, so let’s spread word!

From his foster family:
Barley is a friendly companion and a good dog, as simple as that. He’s laid-back, sweet, obedient, quiet, and a real pleasure to be with. He appreciates every pet, cuddle and walk. Barley loves exploring the outdoors—if you want a hiking or hunting companion, he’s your boy, though he’ll be just as happy as a casual walking buddy. Barley knows basic commands, is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and is housebroken. He could live well with a calm, socialized dog, but needs a cat-free home.

Barley’s a downright good dog that’s constantly passed by for one who’s just a bit younger or a bit smaller. Even though most of us would love a dog as laid-back as Barley, he is overshadowed time and time again by shelter mates who are more vocal, energetic, or pleading as an adopter walks through the shelter. His manners are misperceived as complacency.

As well, Barley has a common condition called DLE, a mild form of lupus that means he just needs a few meds every day and sunscreen on his nose. So his health is great, his nose just looks a little funny, so he’s not getting the attention such a beautiful dog normally would! BONUS: the shelter working with him has promised to pay for his lupus meds for his entire life!

You can read more about Barley on his petfinder page. To meet Barley or learn more, contact Renee at (203) 918.5864  or

Please help spread the word and let’s find this cutie a home!!!

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