Update on Borko, the poor dog attacked by a mob! (There’s good news!)  »

If you missed the story, Borko is a dog with a spinal injury living with a doctor in Bulgaria. He was attacked by a mob several months ago. At the time, we didn’t know what would happen—instead of serving justice, the townspeople were trying to evict the doctor and his dogs! Well now I have an update on that story and it’s good news. 

After Borko was attacked, amazing things happened. Basically the whole world was upset and a small group of people literally came to Borko and the doctor’s aid, traveling to Bulgaria. The main organization involved is K9 Rescue in UK, a group that primarily works in Bulgaria, helping street dogs. The first happy development in the story is that people all over the world donated funds to get Borko his own wheelchair! Now Borko has wheels and gets around quite well!


But, as the org says, Borko only needs one chair, so the outpouring of funds now goes to helping other disabled dogs get their own wheelchairs!

The next good news is that the judge threw out the eviction case and the doctor and his dogs can stay in their home! Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything about the awful man who beat Borko being charged with anything. So, hopefully that will happen but we must celebrate the good news we do have.

Finally, Borko has a book! It’s a coloring book! As well as an “education(al) lesson for kids on how dogs should be treated.” So nice! Yay Borko! Congrats on all the new developments. 

For the latest updates, follow Borko’s fb page



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