Vegansaurus NYC: Stogo!  »

Laura was in town briefly before her whirlwind vacay, but that was just enough time to get vegan ice cream! See what Laura has?: Priorities.

We went to Stogo together as neither of us had been there. We heard mixed things about it: some people are totally into it; some don’t like it at all. It’s not just vegan, it’s like hypo-allergenic, basically. They don’t use real sugar and stuff. I like my ice cream unhealthy!

I tasted the cookie dough and the hemp chocolate (they have other kinds of chocolate, kind of neat). The cookie dough wasn’t that cookie-doughy so I got the hemp chocolate (see below). Here’s what I can say: the hemp chocolate was SOLID. Very chocolaty good! So when in doubt, get that. But they let you try lots of flavors so you should do that. BONUS: they have cupcakes from BabyCakes and some treats from Cocoa V!

Who’s been here? What are your thoughts? Is it on your New York vacation hit list?

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