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Andrew and Caroline are here to give you a roundup of the GAGILLION things you can do for Thanksgiving in LA!


Thanksgiving feast from Cafe Gratitude.

Attention lazy vegans (or busy vegans, or those of you who actually relax on holidays) of Los Angeles!! We have compiled a (hopefully) comprehensive list of restaurants that are offering vegan Thanksgiving goodies, be it take-out or dine-in. If we’ve left anything out, please let us know in the comments! Also feel free to tell us how charismatic and charming we are.

Tal Ronnen’s Crossroad Restaurant (have you been there yet!? This man is a food wizard) will be open 12-5pm on Thanksgiving day, offering a four-course menu (with gluten-free options) for $75. I’m drooling just thinking about this.

Real Food Daily is offering a full gluten-free Thanksgiving spread to go, along with an assortment of desserts (including Southern maple pecan pie—SOMEONE PLEASE BUY ME THIS). They will be closed on Thanksgiving day.

Sage Organic Bistro is also offering a full to-go menu of gluten free goodies, ranging from comfort foods, like mac n’ cheese, to pans of their Kind Kreme (heavenly raw ice cream). The tamales require giving them at least 48-hours notice, so they must be doubly good!

Go get a FREE meal at Cafe Gratitude’s Venice Beach location, where they’ll be hosting their annual “Give Thanks” event on Thanksgiving day. In order to get your free plate of grub, you have to serve someone else (hey, sharing is caring, especially when caring means you get to chow down on free food). They’ll be open 10-3pm (or until food runs out). The Larchmont location will be closed. You can also order from a full holiday menu (including RAW stuffing) by the 24th from either location. 

If you want a spiritual vibe while you’re stuffing your face, Govinda’s is offering a buffet from 12-7pm, with plenty of vegan options. If you pay ahead of time for your reservation, it’s only $12 ($15 at the door). Remember the rules of the buffet: eat as much of the most expensive thing in order to get your money’s worth (filling up on salad greens is a total rookie move)!

There will be a special four-course feast at both Shojin locations and judging by the photos on their website, it’s going to be amazing! Seriously, they have presentation skills. Whereas my plating technique generally results in an edible Jackson Pollack.

Doomie’s will be having a “Good Ol’ American Thanksgiving” for $20 by RSVP only ( If you want a pumpkin pie from Das Baker, pre-order one for $15. They don’t have a website, but they’ve been tweeting the menu! They are the masters of comfort food, so it’s guaranteed you’ll be fat and happy!


Babycakes LA has a long list of vegan & gluten free goodies (some agave sweetened, some with refined sugar) available to order, so you can show up to potlucks in style! They can deliver most of the items right to you! Call by Friday 11/22 to place your order: (855) 462-2292.

Not surprisingly, Hugo’s Restaurant (all 3 locations) will be offering a vegan-friendly “Happy Holiday Feast for Six.” Just specify that you’d like the vegan version, and you’ll get their (AMAZING) veggie patties, along with a ton of other tasty looking things. Give them at least 24 hours notice (they’d prefer 48 hours), and pick it up the day before. They’ll be closed on Thanksgiving Day. 

Dr. J’s Vibrant Cafe has their usual catering menu available to order from, with healthier looking options, like grain and veggie bowls (of course my eye gravitated to the coconut pie, because COCONUT PIE). Place your orders at least 3 days in advance. They’ll be open Thanksgiving day until 1:30pm.

Anaheim vegans will be happy to hear that Healthy Junk is offering a holiday menu. You can find it posted on their Instagram. It’s available for both dine-in (not the day of, they’ll be closed) and take out. Give them 24-hour notice for pies: (714) 772-JUNK [ed note: for real??]. They’re making “chicken” pot pies, ya’ll!!

If you feel like communing with other LA vegans, check out the annual “Free Vegan Thanksgiving Picnic Potluck” at Rancho Park in West LA. Bring a dish to share (they specifically request no booze,* but musical instruments are welcome. Do I hear a drum circle?!). It’s from 11-4pm.

Native Foods Cafe is offering their annual Native Wellington, available for order online or by phone, to be picked up at any location. It seems to be the most reasonably priced offering at just $40, and should feed six people comfortably. The puff-pastry filled with seitan also comes with steamed kale, yams, stuffing, an onion compote, and some rosemary and thyme herbed mushrooms. They also have pumpkin cheese cake or pumpkin pie for $20 each. Order before November 27th. It will be frozen, so prepare to take it home and bake it for a couple of hours. Native is also serving Thanksgiving dinner, but reserve ahead of time because seats run out super fast every year. For $25 you get the Native Wellington, mashed potatoes, gravy, a cranberry compote, green bean casserole, stuffing, a polenta/butter squash terrine, cornbread and pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheese cake. Whoa. Native Foods’ Thanksgiving always tends to be the most talked about, at least in my circle of vegan gluttony topics.

L.A. Vegan Crepe steps into the foray of offering some vegany-Thanksgivingy goodness. Available as a single meal ($35) or to feed your vegan army ($195, feeds up to 10), L.A. Vegan Crepe has a whole vegan “turkey” with mashed sweet potatoes, hazelnut-cranberry roast “en croute”, and either a sweet potato pie or a raw vegan pumpkin cheese cake. There is also a Tofurky option, but, why… wouldn’t… you… just… get… ahh never mind.  Order before Nov. 25th.

The fine folks at Urth Caffe have you covered if you’re lacking in the dessert department. Available for order online is their 10” gluten-free vegan pumpkin pie. The pie is $25 and is available at all five Urth Caffe locations in the L.A. area.   

Quite possibly the most hospitable place on the planet, Stuff I Eat in Inglewood is also offering up some Thanksgiving-themed vegan eats. Available for dine-in on Thanksgiving Day or as take-out, Stuff I Eat as both a cooked- and a raw-Thanksgiving plate. Both are $45 and will feed two humans (un)comfortably. They do need 48 hours in advance for the raw plate, which includes a nutloaf, cauliflower and cashew mash, cranberry marinated spinach, Napa cabbage, cornbread stuffing and your choice of jicama salad or corn dill salad. Then it’s topped off with a slice of raw sweet potato pie. Goodness. Gracious. Now, if you’re not into the raw side of things, their cooked plate sounds equally as intense: savory pepper tofu, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, mac ‘n “cheese”, your choice of string beans or kale, yams, stuffing, cranberry sauce, cornbread, and a salad choice of mixed green or corn. And then some sweet potato pie. There is a slight chance I will blow off my friends and family and spend 6 hours at Stuff I Eat. Sorry guys. 

And finally, if macro is your thing this year, visit M-Cafe. Orders need to be placed by 5:00 PM on Monday the 25th. For $70 for two people or $130 for four, you have a choice of two entrees (Holiday seitan roast or gluten-free tempeh loaf) with a soup (spiced butternut bisque) and a salad (winter field greens with fennel, cranberries and poached pear.) And also a choice of two “accompaniments” which include; (1)whipped potato and rutabaga, (2) maple glazed acorn squash, Brussels sprouts, and chestnuts, (3) green beans almondine, (4) wild rice pilaf, (5) mashed pumpkin with couscous and raisins, (6) sourdough bread stuffing with almonds and raisins, (7) butternut squash, fennel and pomegranate salad, (8) cranberry ginger relish, or (9) mushroom gravy. If two isn’t enough you can add two more a la carte for $9. Choosing the sides may be one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to face in your life. M Cafe also went all out with the dessert choices this year, with pecan pies, apple pies, chocolate fudge cakes, pumpkin cheese cakes, you seriously can’t go wrong.

If I don’t spend the entire 6 hour window with Stuff I Eat on this Thanksgiving, I’ll probably head to M Cafe. Maybe I’ll just pre-order one meal from all these restaurants and tell my boss I need some personal time… to digest. I hope you Angelinos have an amazing holiday with your peoples, and save a few of our feathered friends in the process.

BONUS: If you know people in the SF Bay Area — check out our SF Bay Area Vegan Thanksgiving Guide!

Happy Holidays Vegansaurus readers!

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