Vegan Vine is ready to answer all your holiday wine pairing questions! Holler!  »


Vegan Vine, who makes super excellent vegan wines*, wants to hear your Thanksgiving pairing questions. Because if we listened to regular wine companies, we’d never get to drink red because we don’t dig on the meat, am I right? It’s like Vegan Vine says: 

Food/wine pairing suggestions from wine store clerks or on the back of bottles are generally all about what wines go best with animal flesh. You’re not going to find “try this wine with a seitan roulade stuffed with swiss chard and cashew ricotta” or “this wine pairs perfectly with raw zucchini pasta in sunflower seed pesto.”

So true! I asked for a vegan pairing suggestion to lead us off: Planning on apple pie or pumpkin pie? Try it with Chardonnay, they advise! I can do that. I will do that!

So go ahead and ask your questions (like what goes with Field Roast’s celebration roast??)! Questions can be posted on Vegan Vine’s Facebook page or on their Twitter page using the hashtag #veganwine.

Do you have any pairing questions for Vegan Vine? Have at it!

*If you aren’t aware, many wines are not vegan, for various reasons—and if they are, it’s difficult to find out! You can check with Barnivore for more info on specific wines…or just buy Vegan Vine and don’t worry about it! I totally am going to ask for a Vegan Vine wine club membership for xmas.

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