Who Wants to Demo Vegan Cookie Dough? FOR MONEY.  »

It’s your wildest piggy dreams come true. Oh hell yeah.

Here’s what the job entails: going to grocery stores in the SF Bay Area with a shit ton of the redonkulous¬†Eat Pastry vegan cookie dough and demoing the shit out of it. It would be preferable if you had your own toaster oven, some baking know-how, and the ability to bake on site. It’s pre-made cookie dough so if you can’t do that, you should probably just jump off a building. If you’re interested, email the delightful ladies of Eat Pastry and they’ll fill you in on all the info.¬†So basically, you are paid to demo an amazing vegan product and spread vegan food love and smell like cookies, which is natural aphrodisiac. Just ask that guy up there.

In return, all I ask of you is your first born, a gold bar, and a lifetime worth of foot rubs. Don’t worry, I’ll cover the bunions with band-aids!

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