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This is Isabelle with her vegan dog Bean! HOW FREAKING CUTE?! She is from Benicia, Calif. Isabelle has been vegan since conception and will be 10 in July. Happy early b-day, Isabelle! Give Bean a big kiss for me. Kissing dogs is good for you—gives you antibodies!

Vegansaurus: What is your favorite food?
Isabelle: Salad. I REALLY like healthy food!

What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?
Chocolate, mixed with vanilla (I like a mixture of sweetnesses)

Why are you vegan?
I really don’t want to decrease the animal population AT ALL!

Do you like being vegan? Why?
Yes, because I know, deep inside, that it’s not a good thing to be eating animals, so I did just the opposite: To NOT eat animals!

Is it ever hard to be vegan?
Yes, very much so! I usually feel left out when most of my friends (One is a vegetarian) have more treats than I do!

What do your friends think about you being vegan?
I really don’t know! In my opinion, they think that it doesn’t exactly make much sense!

What is your favorite animal? Why?
Ugh! The hardest part! It’s hard to choose, because I love ALL animals! But I’d say my top five are: Dog, parrot, meerkat, cougar, and rodents! Especially rats! I LOVE rodents! That’s part of the reason that my friends kind of think I’m kind of nuts! (Even though I think so myself!) I know it’s uncommon to like rats, but all I know is that I do! (Most of my other friends are kind of overly cautious about rodents in general!)

Do you like pink dinosaurs? Can you draw one for us? We would love it!
I LOVE them! And I’d LOVE to draw one for you guys! I LOOOOOOOOOVE drawing! Anything! Even an octopus! You know, the eight-legged dudes! You could even HIRE me to be your artist! And I mean it!

Vegansaurus World? OMG I LOVE IT! I want to live in Vegansaurus World! Isabelle, as soon as I get an art budget, you’re our lady!

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