From Alex:

I’m currently living in a country where crackers have shrimp in them, tofu is usually covered in fish flakes, and hiding ham inside a baguette is the norm (Japan), so I was thrilled when a group of friends agreed to an entirely vegan Thanksgiving potluck!

The first picture is our full spread. Mashed potatoes, cashew gravy, green bean casserole, sage stuffing, ginger glazed carrots, corn, chickpea cutlets, gluten free meatless loaf, wild rice and pumpkin pilaf, purple sweet potato pie, red onion and pear tart with vegan cashew parmesan, and veggie samosas with cilantro-mint and apple-chili chutney.

The second shot is one of two desserts, a chocolate Guinness cake (made with Asahi black beer, as Guinness itself isn’t vegan!) covered in homemade whisky caramel. The other dessert was a scrumptious pumpkin pie made with agar powder, which thankfully is cheap and ubiquitous over here!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures, Happy Thanksgiving!
Um, that looks and sounds AMAZING. Also, I want to go to Japan right now. Thanks, Alex!!
(Don’t forget to send in your Thanksgiving plates!!)

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