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Rachel here, on the vegan Pride beat again. I’ve drawn a Venn Diagram for you so you can understand better what’s going on:

As you know (because I told you a few weeks ago!), there will be some hot vegan action at the San Francisco Pride Festival this weekend. What you might NOT have known is that you can start that action early by going to the Food Not Bombs vegetarian potluck on Friday afternoon, as a side of asparagus to the Transmarch’s seitan picatta. Did that even make sense? 

Never mind. Here’s what they say about it: 

"Join SF FNB for our annual tradition—the Chez Gay cafe and potluck at the Transmarch! We’ve been doing this for four years now and are super excited for it to be this time of year again! San Francisco Food Not Bomb will provide some food, be cooking veggies at the park, but PLEASE bring veg food to share.

All are welcome to share food and eat.

(As always?)  bonus points awarded for:
*bringing food to share or chopped food to grill
*remembering your own utensil / plate
*dressing in costume—double points if it’s French
*wearing your “vintage” chez gay tuxedo t-shirt (if you want one I think we still have the screen to make some the morning of)
*volunteering to cook in the hot sun

If you would like to volunteer for prep work or cooking at the park, email!

We’re generally a chill bunch, but disrespect for queer, trans, genderqueer or gender variant folks will not be tolerated.

Dolores Park
Friday, June 24 at 3 p.m.

RSVP here

They use rainbow colors in their blog posts! Just go!

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