Oakland Animal Services Adoptathon! It’s a free fur all!  »

Oh fur puns, I love it! Guess what else I love: adoptable animals! Oakland Animal Services is having a "Maddie’s Matchmaker Adoptathon" this weekend (June 12 and 13), sponsored by Maddie’s Fund, an adorable charitable organization based in Alameda. Maddie’s Fund is going to pay all adoption fees for dogs and cats this weekend PLUS they will donate $500 for every successful OAS adoption at the adoptathon. $500?! That’s a lotta bones!

As a favor to you, I have previewed all the adoptable animals and OMG the cuteness! Here is Marshmallow, the most adorable bunny ever! Where’re your eyes, Marshmallow?! WHERE ARE YOUR EYES?!

Below we have Simone, a sassy senior cat! Nice tongue action, Miss Sassypuss! To her right is Dusty, who is OMG ADORABLE KILL ME! Guys, I would totally adopt every animal in the world if I had the space/competency. They are so cute and need homes! So if you are in the market, get to this event. And send me pictures of who you adopt because I can live vicariously through you! Party!

[Thanks for the heads-up, Pawesome!]

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