From Dara:

Three courses of vegan Thanksgiving gluttony!  To start, vegetable crudites and crackers with Rawsome nut dip, vegan cheese ball, and carrot cashew pate; plus maple cinnamon roasted chickpeas.  My somewhat washed out main dishes: Field Roast hazelnut and cranberry roast en croute with miso mushroom gravy on top; roasted butternut squash salad; brussels sprouts with hazelnuts; dressing with chestnuts, apples, and Field Roast snausages; baked sweet potatoes and apples in sweet sauce of cinnamon maple syrup deliciousness; mashed potatoes; and cranberry sauce in the center.  Then to wrap things up, apple pie, pumpkin bars, and caramel pecan bars.  (This is why I’m fat (YOLO.).)

And because I like footnotes:

Rawsome nut dip (

Vegan cheese ball:

Carrot cashew pate:

Maple cinnamon chickpeas:

Miso mushroom gravy:

Butternut squash salad (

Apple sage “sausage” chestnut stuffing:

Pecan bars:

Oatmeal pumpkin pie bars:

THIS IS ALL DELICIOUS. I am about to devour some leftovers!!!

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