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"Adults age 40 and over with diagnosed diabetes who reported receiving four recommended services for diabetes in the calendar year (2+ hemoglobin A1c tests, foot exam, dilated eye exam, and flu shot), by race/ethnicity, 2008-2009" -Agency for Health Research and Qaulity

A European study found that high levels of a certain renal acid can greatly increase risk of type 2 diabetes. The study found that while meat raises the level of this acid, fruits and vegetables lower it. 

I just read a post on Grist about it entitled, "Meat-based diets linked with type 2 diabetes; vegans everywhere get smug." I know, it’s baiting, but I would have read it anyway for the former part of the title (though I clicked only to find a study I read about in July). But let me tell you, I haven’t read something so aggressively, preemptively defensive in quite a while. I don’t care if she calls me smug, I’ll be that, but what is really shocking to me is that a study comes out that could help prevent a growing epidemic and this writer’s first response is to feel personally threatened by the boon it may give to the vegan cause.

At no point does the post address the fact that type 2 diabetes disproportionately affects people of color, who are also some of the same populations negatively affected by disparities in health care. Given those factors, preventative medicine would be REALLY helpful in this particular scenario. Of course, there’s the issue of food deserts that complicates the matter. But forget that discussion, let’s dismiss the significance of this information and attack vegans. That seems in line with Grist’s values

Basically, Richmond does not care about nor see the importance of this new data beyond the question, “how will this affect my witty conversations?” Because I’m sure she has a great bit about vegans and heaven forbid actual data steal her thunder. But hey, Richmond! Do not fret! There has always been a ton of support points for veganism, and you’ve still managed to remain unscathed, living to image search “bacon” another day. So you’ll be OK—just cross your fingers about that pesky diabetes! Goodness knows there’s nothing else to be done about it. 

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