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"First staff meeting. Can you guess what the restaurant is called?" Nov. 1, 2013, @isachandra via Instagram.

Ed. note: Rachel wrote this a while ago, I didn’t post until now. Forgive me!

Astute stalkers of the queen of vegan cookbooks will already know that Isa Chandra Moskowitz is planning to open Omaha, Nebraska’s first vegan restaurant. Now, in her local paper, she reveals its exact location, and its name. First, take a moment to guess.

No idea? Yeah, that photo didn’t tell me squat. Answer:┬áModern Love. Not to be mistaken for the New York Times column—that’s an SEO/Google search problem I wouldn’t want to deal with, but unfortunately I was not consulted.

Deets are few, but the paper reveals a couple:

"Moskowitz describes the menu as ‘swanky vegan comfort food,’ and she said the restaurant will serve a revolving menu of made-from-scratch dishes. She’ll make her own cheese, condiments and soda. She said she’s working with local farms, and the food will focus on vegetables. She’ll also serve homemade pie."

You had me at “swanky.”

Oh, and don’t be too jealous, but my home of Boulder, CO, is only 552 miles/7 hours and 45 minutes from this impending hotbed of awesomeness. A road trip is clearly in order once the doors open this spring. Stay tuned!!

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