Megan Rascal & Erin Red take on Pine Box Rock Shop!  »

Do you know what happens when two kickass vegan broads meet up at a vegan bar in Brooklyn?


And awesome conversation over vegan Bloody Marys too! Your favorite East Coast badasses, Megan Rascal and Erin Red, stopped into Pine Box Rock Shop recently after hearing about their weekly Waffle Brunch (every Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.). First on the agenda were some beverages to whet our appetites—Megan enjoyed some pretty all right mimosas while Erin Red sampled PBRS’ much-hyped Bloody Marys. Good thing our voracious vegan appetites were on duty because these drinks were NOT small! The Bloody Marys were practically meals in themselves, with pickled veggies and celery and rich, layered flavors resulting in quite a kick in the pants. The mimosas were decent. The waffles were fluffy and scrumptious, and in true form we managed to sample three amazing toppings: peach compote, whiskey chocolate walnut (if I’m remembering correctly), and traditional maple syrup with Earth Balance. Holy YUM; they practically had to roll us out of there! 

The venue was open and airy, and the crowd was surprisingly big and diverse for a Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed the live music and the scenery, and DEFINITELY took note of the extensive and creative cocktail menu! Pine Box Rock Shop looks like a perfect venue for vegans to bring their omni pals—fill them with waffles and convince them to go vegan over a few vegan White Russians. PERF!

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