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Rolling Stone this week published a massive and gripping story about our undercover exposés of factory farms and slaughterplants,observing that the meat industry thinks we’re so effective, it’s “declared jihad on the Humane Society.”

Iowa’s biggest paper, the Des Moines Register, today slammed tea party Rep. Steve King for his anti-animal and anti-states’ rights farm bill amendment, noting that American consumers are increasingly concerned about battery cages and gestation crates.

The Guardian published a compelling story this week discussing the declining rates of meat consumption in the US, asking, “is animal consumption falling out of style in the US?” Maybe that’s one reason TIME named Beyond Meat this week as one of the top 10 most exciting start-ups!

In a similar vein, Temple Grandin reported in the new issue of Meat & Poultry that, “during the last three years, 14 percent of consumers have reduced eating pork due to concern about the gestation crate issue.”

Finally, yes, the rumors are true: I once was young…and I talk about it in this new interview!

Happy Friday the 13th

P.S. Photos of the week: Fox and dog who are best friends—really incredible.

P.P.S. Video of the week: If they fit, they sit—very cute!

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