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I’ve put absolutely everything concerning Christmas off until the last minute, and I’m fine, I’m fine. It’s going to be okay, I’m sure I can figure out what my entire family wants for Christmas in the next 24 hours, wrap their presents, finish up at work and pack. 

If you are like me (Working best under pressure? It’s a gift, not a curse, I swear!) and the food has yet to be figured out for your festivities, I got great news for you! Oakland’s own Hella Vegan Eats is still offering holiday catering, with small bites, tamales and desserts! Today is the last day to order; check it out! They ask for orders of at least $150 — you could be set for a week, or realistically two very indulgent nights, with four of those delectable sounding pies! 


You can email or call Tiffany and Sylvee with orders and questions at or 510-282-8233. Be sure to check out their Facebook page so you can “like” everything! 

As if there was any doubt in your mind about Hella Vegan Eats at your Holiday event, let’s revisit a photo of their Thanksgiving feast, via my pal George. 


Scrumptious! Get it, Bay Area! 

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