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If you are so lucky to live in San Francisco, you know that we vegans have especially good regional products. One in particular is by Double Rainbow, the official ice cream of San Francisco (as proclaimed by Willie Brown!); accordingly, the company makes some of the best soy ice cream you’ve ever tasted, too.

The company started in 1976 making gourmet ice cream, you know, from “quality milk products,” whatever that meant in the mid-’70s. Wonderfully, however, they later started their line of vegan Soy Cream, “in direct response to customer requests.” Amazing, right? “[I]n direct response to customer requests”! We—the vegans, the lactose-intolerant, the kosher—asked for animal-free ice cream from a local producer, and they listened and made it for us!

Double Rainbow soy cream comes in many flavors (more than listed on the site!), because Double Rainbow loves you and wants to satisfy your craving for ice cream, whatever you yearn for. The vanilla bean is the best vanilla soy cream I’ve ever tasted, absolutely. I know I say “best” a lot, but would you want me to review a mediocre product? No, that would be useless. How about this: Of all the soy ice creams I’ve ever had, Double Rainbow’s is the richest and creamiest, using vanilla as the standard. You do not even have to take my word exclusively for it. Even better, they make flavors like dulce de leche, all caramely and rich, and I hear that their mint chocolate chip is high quality as well, for those who like a mint chocolate chip (I do not—cold flakes of chocolate just gross up the texture).

Double Rainbow also makes some really good sorbets; my favorite is Meyer lemon, but the berry flavors are good too. They’re available at quality grocery stores around the city and the Bay Area; you can also get a couple of flavors at Trader Joe’s, relabeled as TJ’s house brand of soy ice cream, though if you want variety, buy the pints at other places. Apparently there are Double Rainbow parlors, and the website says it’s sold “nationally and internationally,” but don’t take my word for it, I just buy it at the grocery store. The official address is on 14th and South Van Ness Streets, but don’t be fooled; that place is a warehouse, and they will not sell you any soy ice cream there, no matter how sweetly you ask.

To be honest, as an adult I’ve sort of lost the voracious appetite for ice cream I had as a kid, but the goodness of Double Rainbow’s soy ice cream is such that whenever I want a pint, I want Double Rainbow. Nothing compares to it. The price is lower thanĀ  other local brands, which is curious considering how much better it is than the rest of them. You cannot think of a reason not to buy this stuff. Serve it to your omnivorous friends and see if they even notice it’s not made with torture-milk. Because they won’t, I swear it. Now, Double Rainbow could carry as many flavors of Soy Cream as they do regular death-n-torture ice cream, such as the magical and amazing peppermint stick, and perhaps with increased customer demand they will. My point: get to buying. A homemade soy cream sandwich makes a well balanced breakfast!*

*This is not a lie. I would not lie to you about something so serious as balanced breakfasts.

[photos, top to bottom: eprescott, Andrew Teman,]

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