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Lucky 13 Lacquer is a lovely line of exciting vegan nail polish colors. I say exciting because they are sparkly and spotty and more! They also have THE BEST NAMES. The creator of Lucky 13 Lacquer sent me a few colors to try.

Above is Jinkies! OVER a regular red polish by another brand. I love it. We did have some problems with this drying, it just took a little while. But once dry, it was totes pretty. Without the red underneath, it would just be like a clear polish with red sparkly flakes. Very nice but over the red, it’s like ruby slippers!


This is my favorite. It’s Ruh-Roh! It’s like leopard print! Without having to do anything special! This dried fine. And it looks like leopard print!!!


Above is the Teal Me No Lies with Warrior Woman over top. That’s just one coat of the sparkly one so if you want more sparkles, you’ll have to do a few more coats. This is my friend Cait modeling and the blue was her favorite of all the colors. I like the leopard print!

So if you are looking for some unique polish colors, this is for you! Colors come and go quickly so if you see one you like, get it. If you don’t, there will be new colors soon!

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