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We love to shop for vegan shit, that’s no lie. So when a new vegan website crossed our tracks (via them emailing us and being awesome and giving us some awesome stuff to review), we had to pass on the Good Word. In a super-awesome act of vegan solidarity, the folks at have made it their mission to help supply the consumer market with quality vegan goods. We like.

Their clean and simple website features the tagline “promoting vegan products to the world”, and provides some solid up-to-date research and impressive facts on the vegan/vegetarian market. They certainly prove to have their act together with an enviable game plan and big name clients like Tofurky and Edward & Sons! From marketing to branding to product placement to social media to grassroots demos, director (and total sweetheart) Lisa Shapiro has a real understanding of what will make your product successful. If you have a vegan product and want to make it to the big time without compromising your ethics, don’t be shy - now you know how!

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