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Peoples, you’ve GOT to try this stuff! It’s called chocolate, ever heard of it? But this chocolate is insanely good—like, crazier-than-my-mom good! Mast Brothers Chocolate is made in a tiny lil’ factory in Brooklyn by the adorable Mast brothers. I saw these chocolate bars and had to check them out; for one, they have superfantastic packaging. It’s all old-wallpaper-looking wrapping—so pretty! Then it totally says, “2.5 oz. Vegan Product” on the back! I love an explicit vegan shoutout. It also has the “date of birth” on the back, which warmed my icy heart (You can’t hurt steel!). I decided to buy the dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt because I’m a big fan of the chocolate-and-salt combo. I used to love chocolate-covered pretzels for that reason. This salt content is way beyond some silly chocolate-covered pretzel! It’s perfect.

You can buy the chocolate at various places, in New York mostly but you can also order the bars online so do not fret San Franciscans! Actually, someone in SF should totally get in on this action! For real, you could sell the crack out of it (I just invented that turn of phrase, feel free to use it). They are super into the whole artisan shtick, they might even know a femivore or two. They have a nice blog that collects articles written about them (there’s about 80 million!) as well as other points of interest in the general craft/artisan community. It looks like you can even visit their operation on Saturdays! Maybe I can stop by! Maybe I can meet the Mast brothers! Are the breasts still the appropriate place to get autographed? I’m just playing! I would like to get the lowdown on the vegan-ness of the place, though. I’m a big factory-tour enthusiast (whatever, you probably like “books” and other lame stuff, leave me alone!) and the only chocolate factory I’ve been to is Hershey’s as a wee lass, and that’s far from vegan.

In conclusion: HOLY CRAP I’M IN LOVE.

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