Big news! Major HSUS egg legislation now supported by United Egg Producers!  »

Animal rights advocates and animal-eaters agree: Chickens on factory farms have horrible lives. Today, however, brings news that might changes those birds’ lives for the better. United Egg Producers has come out in favor of a bill promoting humane conditions for factory-farmed chickens! The Humane Society now has a major partner in presenting this legislation to Congress.

This isn’t an official bill, but proposed language would make it “the first federal law relating to chickens used for food, as well as the first federal law relating to the on-farm treatment of any species of farm animal.” It would eliminate battery cages. It would prohibit “starvation-induced molting,” which yes is as gross as it sounds. It would require living conditions that allow chickens to perform natural behaviors like, you know, moving around—also perching, nesting, and scratching. And the biggest egg lobby in the country supports it!

If you care about this issue, let your Congressional representatives know. Reducing so many millions of animals’ suffering! So important!

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