Tonight Only! Vegan Mission Street Food!!  »

Check it out, vegans: the guest chef tonight at Mission Street Food comes from Greens (our nation’s very first gourmet vegetarian restaurant!), and in the spirit of not killing other animals to make our meals, all the dishes at MSF will be vegetarian! What’s more, four are explicitly vegan, and two look easily veganizable—one of which, the king trumpet mushroom on flatbread, we have raved about before. That one is delicious!

A portion of the proceeds tonight will go to Food Not Bombs, a vegan institution, so if you were playing coy about going, there is your Reason: you’re going to support a staunchly pacifist organization that provides vegan meals to the homeless and hungry around the world. You may also be (definitely, of course, obviously) going for the crazy-delicious-sounding menu, but we will not say anything about that. Too much anticipation.

Mission Street Food operates out of Lung Shan restaurant, 2234 Mission Street at 18th, from 6pm to midnight. Come say hello if you see us!

And remember: This is TONIGHT ONLY! Next week, they’ll most likely be back to bacon snow and rabbit leg and whatever the hell else thrills omnivorous chefs, I don’t know. The point is: Vegans, DO NOT MISS THIS.

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