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It’s the time of year again, my friends. Time to hang out in a parking lot in LA (classy times), drink beer and eat all the vegan food you can possibly fit into the stomach that you’ve been training all year for this event. (Wait, am I the only one that does that?) 

The big day is May 17th and If you live in LA, there’s NO EXCUSE for you not to come. If you don’t live in LA (first off, I’m sorry), this is the reason you’ve always needed to visit! Internet meet-ups galore! You can finally meet those people you’ve been “liking” on Instagram and “favoriting” on Twitter. Don’t be creepy and anti-social, just DO IT! 

You know Quarry Girl? Ever heard of the infamous LA night club, The Roxy (owned by Nic Adler)? Drank or chowed down at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank? These are the glorious sponsors of this even more glorious event. 

Still need a reason to buy a ticket!?!? (Geez, you’re needy.) 

Last year I put in a lot of eating time at the Kind Kreme tent (I blame the fact that I was in black denim in 90 degree heat), got some crazy good chocolate croissants from LA Vegan Crepe, jackfruit tacos from the Seabird’s truck…I could go on, but I might embarrass myself by being a heavyweight champion in eating. People, I don’t even drink beer and I had a helluva good time. 

In all seriousness, I met some of the raddest people at last year’s event, who I now consider to be great friends. I can partially blame them for my moving to LA (btw, can you chip in retroactively for my moving fund? kthx). One of my favorite things about being vegan is our community, so come out and be part of it! 

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