East Bay Vegan Bakesale is COMING! You’re baking for it, remember?  »

Yeah, you remember! Good job, you! Just hit up the fly honeys of EBVB and let them know how damn well you can bake from scratch/follow directions on a box/Buy cupcakes from Rainbow. Details for the Saturday Sunday, July 24th sale are on the flyer below and also here (RSVP! Invite friends! Only via Facebook! Can Google+ do that yet! No, that’s why it’s better!)!

See your fellow vegan fat-asses there!

Oh, and as usual, all the money goes to charity because VEGANS ARE SO SELFLESS. This month’s sale is benefiting Bay Areas Girls Rock Camp (HELL YES. You’re creating little Animal’s!) and Save KUSF (that radio station we all care about now!). 

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