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Say hello to six-year-old Sam from Massachusetts. From his mom: “Sam is six now, as of a couple of weeks ago, and has been a self-declared vegetarian since he was four, when we were reading a book about who uses forks, who uses chopsticks, etc. It showed hunting in it and he made the connection between animals and meat and has not eaten one bite of meat since. He’s even converted his younger brother (Nate, three) for the past few months, which was no easy feat.” Yeah! Awesome, Sam! And congrats, Nate! Way to be, fellas.

What is your favorite food?
Sam: Cheerios and macaroni and cheese.

What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?
Sam: The one that I had when I was six [AWESOME]:

Why are you vegetarian?
Sam: Because I found out that meat was animals and I didn’t want to hurt animals

Do you like being vegetarian?
Sam: I do. That was an easy question.
Sam: Because then I don’t hurt animals, and I don’t like to hurt them.

Is it ever hard to be vegetarian?
Sam: No.

What do your friends think about you being vegetarian?
Sam: I haven’t told them. I think they think it’s fine.

What is your favorite animal? Why?
Sam: Cats, all cats. Because they’re cool. I learn from cats, from Chewy (our cat) and sometimes from Molly (our other, shyer cat).

Do you like pink dinosaurs? Can you draw one for us? We would love it!

[Ed. note: Totally awesome! Thanks, Sam!]

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