Hey San Francisco, how are your teeth? Get ‘em cleaned by a vegan dental student!  »

That was a lot of hed, I know. It’s important to get information across, though. The facts here are that dental student and vegan Nichole McKenna wants to work on your teeth, and if you want cut-price dental care (50 to 60 percent off private practice costs), she’s the future dentist for you.

Presumably. Your Vegansaurus, while fanatical about flossing and brushing, hasn’t had insurance since 2008 and therefore hasn’t seen a dentist in three-plus years. America is the best country ever, you guys, no job + no insurance = joy forever.

Nichole’s school, University of the Pacific, does accept insurance, however, if you are a fancy person with a job that cares about you. And if not, 50-to-60 percent off standard prices is a good deal! Check them out here, email Nichole here, or call her at 415.484.6744. She says that as there are nearly 280 students who are taking appointments, no one is obligated to see her, but how many of those student-dentists are vegans? This being Vegansaurus and all, we want to support our fellow vegans! So maybe contact Nichole here and get your damn teeth cleaned. Cavities are preventable/easily treatable, and gum disease leads to heart disease, and uncared-for teeth are totally gross. No one wants to kiss a dirty mouth, and your Vegansaurus is all about kissing! And clean teeth!

Vegan dental hygiene: it’s wonderful.

[amigurumi tooth photo by leiapico_art via Flickr]

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