Los Angeles Might Get a Vegan Mac and Cheese Food Truck, But It Needs Your Help!  »

Chef Ayinde is a dude in Los Angeles who is very good at cooking and wants to bring us a food truck DEDICATED TO VEGAN MAC AND CHEESE. This is genius and we all must support it. Which brings me to my next point:

Dear L.A. Vegans and lovers of delicious food: IT’S SHOW TIME, SYNERGY!

And by that I mean, it’s time to put down your hard earned money on this Kickstarter. It’s for the love of Mac and Cheese and you know there is no greater love in the world except for the love of lasagna.¬†

To motivate you to donate to this most worthwhile cause that will benefit us as a nation, check out this most delicious picture of Chef Ayinde’s famous and crazy delicious¬†Mac and Yease:

You could be eating all of that. You will be eating all of that. Let’s do this.

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