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Some pork industry leaders are calling the move away from gestation crates “a race to the bottom.” My admittedly blunt response is on Huffington Post. Just this week, in fact, Wendy’s announced more progress against gestation crates…

I was honored this past week to be on CNN Headline News discussing the slaughter plant shutdown caused by HSUS’s latest investigation.

The attorney general of Missouri is trying to curry favor with big agribusiness by filing a lawsuit against California for its law requiring that eggs sold in the state come from birds who could spread their wings. The Kansas City Star slammed him in a lead editorial yesterday. And speaking of that law, our friends at Bon Appetit Management Co. have a good new piece urging egg producers to come into cage-free compliance.

Politico ran a profile on Bill Gates this week, noting that the billionaire “has sharply criticized the powerful livestock industry as he talks up his vision for solving world hunger by promoting vegetarian diets.”

Gates would probably be psyched to know that HSUS is teaming up with teen celeb Laura Marano to promote Meatless Mondays to students, including doing an event with us for kids in LA this week!

Video of the week: You knew chickens were smart, but did you know they’re great police officers? (And bonus video: Laura Marano!)

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