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It was a big week on the ag-gag front, with anti-whistleblower bills being heard in Arizona and Idaho. Arizona’s largest paper slammed the state’s pending ag-gag bill, and there’s been much coverage of the issue in Idaho too, including HSUS’s TV commercials showing Idahoans what the state’s dairy industry is trying to cover up with this bill.

California’s landmark Prop 2 is set to take effect in 11 months, but egg producers have done little to start converting to come into compliance. You can read more about this at our new site,

Food Lion and other major chains owned by grocery giant Delhaize announced this week that they’ll be ending gestation crate use in their pork supply chains.

I’m honored to be singled out by the Animal Agriculture Alliance this week as someone who they need to combat. In another piece by the same author, she noted, “The gestation crate issue [is] just one example of the tenacity of animal rights activists. They are, excuse the pun, like a dog with a bone.”

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P.S. Video of the week: Swans feeding their fish friends. Who says animals aren’t altruistic?

P.P.S. Photo  of the week: Calvin’s like, “Dude, a little privacy?”

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