David Lynch Teaches You to Make Quinoa Because What Better Way to Learn?  »

Bizarre quinoa instructions time! This is not new but I hadn’t seen it and what a tragedy it would be if you guys missed it. Part 1 is above. He needed two parts I guess. Here’s part 2:

Viewership seems to have fallen off at Part 2 but it’s pretty amazing. I guess he’s just talking in the dark for the time the quinoa needs to cook? That’s nice, right? A cooking show that actually lasts the length of time it takes to cook the dish. None of that cooking show hocus-I’ve-got-one-fresh-out-of-the-oven-pocus! Also, just to be clear, my research indicates quinoa is actually a seed. And my research is hella smart. 

The original post has the recipe in Portuguese but has a translation for you.

Bonus: He uses Braggs! “It tastes like soy sauce! So good!” Indeed. 

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