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Good news, everyone
! Anne reports that the Adopt-a-Rabbit event on Saturday was a great success! All of 14 rabbits found loving homes, including Misses Bijou and Clementine. Isn’t that lovely? And there’ll be another, even bigger bunny adoption event in a few weeks in Richmond, in case you missed this one and need a bun in your life (hint: you do)—we’ll keep you posted with details as they’re finalized. In the meantime, please direct your questions to Anne.

Thanks to everyone who went, and all the people who took home a rabbit. It’s basically your patriotic duty to adopt an animal, so consider yourselves better citizens for it. Or at least better residents, whatever. Love your animal pals, that’s what’s important.

[pictured: Goldie and Kisses, of the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary]

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