Product Review: So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches!  »

Let’s keep this short and sweet, like these sandwiches. The geniuses at Turtle Mountain came up with yet another product to make me very happy and that product is the Coconut Milk Ice Cream Sandwich. They are like Tofutti Cuties but with more coconut creamy delicious and with no hydrogenated fat badness. They are 100 calories each and currently come in plain coconut and banana split (!!!) flavors. I tried both, they are to die. Turtle Mountain’s coconut milk products are by far my favorite thing they sell. While their soy-based products can sometimes be, how do I say this, THE FUNK, the items made with coconut milk are always creamy and delicious and make me want to stuff my face. I want to eat these little sandwiches of delight always and forever. They make me feel eight years old again but without all that naive bright-future nonsense.

If you are a fan of anything coconut or anything ice cream sandwich then you must get to your nearest health food-ish store and get these puppies. I bought these at Whole Foods in Oakland but I can imagine they will be making the rounds soon enough.

And that concludes this short and sweet review. Also, I am not wearing any underwear. SEX SELLS!

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