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The Coco Jack is all kinds of awesome.

I’ve been on a kick of putting young Thai coconuts in smoothies, but HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET THE DAMN THING OPEN!?!?! A friend tipped me off to the Coco Jack after I posted an exasperated rant on Facebook saying I needed a machete (which in all honesty sounded like a fun idea). I immediately knew I needed one of these AMAZING gadgets for my kitchen arsenal (sorry, roommate, I know it’s getting crowded up in there). Thanks for sending me one so quickly, team Coco Jack!* 


Coco Jack, Coco Mallet, Coco Scoop, and Coco Sack (yes, I just laughed while typing this).

I watched all the videos on their website, and was SO excited to try it! This how-to video made it look really easy, and I followed it step-by-step ("ooh baby, gonna get to you giiiiiiiirl…"). Seriously, it’s a game-changer! I can open up one of those bad boys in NO time flat! AND they sent me the Coco Scoop, which makes scraping out the coconut meat as easy as opening it. I can’t sing their praises enough!! I’ll be opening coconuts galore!!! Get a Coco Jack right now! 


The meme that started it all. Thanks, Internet! 

*disclaimer! I was sent the Coco Jack for free. 

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