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Hello, on-the-go, modern-living human! You desire sustenance, but have only a brief amount of time in which to prepare and devour it! What is the solution to your problem?

WELL. One of those solutions is a Gardein Trio, a new product in the Gardein vegan-meat line that includes vegetables and rice, and is microwavable in three minutes. Here is the one I tried, the Sicilian Trio. I chose this one, because it was the one that was in the Safeway. It cost $4.99,* no tax.

That’s the “chick’n” at top left, the sauce at bottom left, and the rice on the right.

So to eat this meal, which is located in the refrigerated section of your grocery store’s vegetarian-foods nook, you can either microwave it—which will be, busy person who is probably at work and may even be forced to eat this meal at your desk (which incidentally you shouldn’t, I mean at least take 20 minutes for a walk around the neighborhood), probably your only option—or boil it. Being perverse, I chose the boiling method (I don’t like microwaving plastic), but I assume the results didn’t differ much.

The rice had a surprisingly good texture; never having eaten boil-in-a-bag rice before, I was expecting “awful,” but it was “pretty good,” so that was nice. The tomato sauce was bland, though sufficient to cover both chick’n and rice. You know how that goes: I may not like it, but by god I better get my fill of it. I feel like I should be embarrassed about that, but, nope. The chick’n was standard Gardein stuff; a bit chewy, but very reminiscent of actual chicken, as I recall. The vegetable stuffing is the best part, absolutely, flavorful and even a touch spicy. Not really spicy, but there is a hint of spice, maybe a single flake of red pepper’s amount. It’s pretty all right.

An omnivore to whom I offered a couple bites said that while the sauce was disappointingly flavorless, the texture of the chick’n was all right, and she would probably eat it again, considering its nutritional value. Considering how carefully she reads labels, that is praise.

As I am not a busy, on-the-go-type person, I have no real need for a quick-prep ready-meal. If I were, I’d consider a Gardein Trio, once in a while. They certainly are convenient, and cost less than a meal out in your standard business district. I’m not going to tell you what to do, obviously. When I worked at an office, I brought leftovers and ate basically the entire day, because of boredom and being kind of disgusting. But if you like a complete, hot meal that you didn’t cook earlier in the week, consider the Gardein Trio. Shoot, consider it for dinner, too; or breakfast. It’s vegan.

*[FTC disclosure: Gardein sent me a coupon for a free Gardein Trio]

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