Frog dissection? There’s, yes, an app for that  »

Of all the psyche-scarring high school experiences, from Saturday detention to prom, perhaps the only one that John Hughes failed to prepare me for was the yearly rite of animal dissection. Not to say that I opted out on some principled moral ground; I did, in fact, cut my frog (and earthworm, and rat) [Ed.: and fetal pig] open, with help from a typically unwilling lab partner.

What was the purpose of it all? I had no interest in biology, or medicine, and no Beavis and Butthead inclinations toward all things dead. Had I known then what I know now, I would have skipped the whole exercise.

But science is still important, even the parts we don’t like, so here’s a better option than sitting it out: the first animal dissection simulator for the iPad.

I’d like to see more 3D and better use of multitouch to really make simulated dissection as realistic as possible. But as schools replace textbooks with tablet computers, maybe they’ll go the rest of the way, and replace formaldehyde-soaked animals with software.

[via Gizmodo]

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