Let’s Help Souley Vegan start a “Grab and Go” Line!   »

First of all, I want to start off by saying that if you’ve never been to Souley Vegan in Oakland, CA, well, that’s just silly (GO THERE RIGHT NOW).

WAIT, before you go, clickity click here and donate to their fundraising campaign for a Souley Vegan Grab and Go soul food line. Donate big money so it can spread from the San Francisco Bay Area to LA (where yours truly can eat said soul food all the days and nights she damn well pleases. Kthx.). Just in case I wasn’t clear, I DREAM OF THEIR FRIED TOFU. 

Tamearra Dyson (who is a totally radiant, amazing woman, as demonstrated in the video above), started Souley Vegan restaurant without any sort of outside funding, and is kicking some serious ass. Now she needs our help to take things to this next level (read: MORE AMAZING VEGAN SOUL FOOD FOR US). There are even incentives for donating (how’d she know we love presents?!)! 

Remember that time you said you wanted to be more generous?!? Now’s the time to (literally) put your money where your mouth is (how does that saying make sense?). And once more, for good measure, DONATE HERE. (But, seriously, it’s in my Top 5 fave places to eat in the Bay Area. Souley Vegan is legit!)   

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