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Hello, pals! This is Ethan! He lives in Massachusetts and has been vegetarian since he was born, five-and-a-half years ago. Yay Ethan! I love your t-shirt! This pic is pretty great all around.

What is your favorite food?
Ethan: Bananas

What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?
Ethan: The one I got when I turned 5 (Mario and Princess Peach themed).

Why are you vegetarian?
Ethan: Because I like animals.

Do you like being vegetarian? Why?
Ethan: Yes! Because I don’t have to kill anything, in fact I don’t have a BB gun to kill them. [Ed. note: I don’t have a BB gun either]

Is it ever hard to be vegetarian?
Ethan: No, it’s just easy peasy.

What do your friends think about you being vegetarian?
Ethan: Good. Some are vegetarian too!

What is your favorite animal? Why?
Ethan: Dogs because they are so easy to take care of, they just need love and food and playing. [Ed. note: easy to take care of? Ethan, tell me your secret!]

Do you like pink dinosaurs? Can you draw one for us? We would love it!
[Ed. note: It’s beautiful! Nice and rotund!]

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