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Chipotle announced fantastic news this week, stating that its popular Sofritas option will be going nationwide. CEO Steve Ells commented, “Many of our customers, we’ve realized, are vegetarian or vegan, or generally meat-reducers or concerned about their diet and questioning about how the animals are raised and how much meat they should be eating.”

The ag-gag battles continued this week, with the Idaho legislature sending a dairy industry-backed bill to the governor that, if signed, would make it a crime to take a video of animal abuse on a factory farm.  Some Idaho newspapers are editorializing against the bill and even yogurt brand Chobani is urging a veto. The governor’s office indicates that it’s received well over 11,000 phone calls in opposition, and very few in support. You can take action here.

In Arizona, the PR battle on ag-gag continued, with op-eds and more.

Finally, wondering why vegetarians live longer? TIME offers seven reasons this week.

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P.S. Video of the week: Goats just wanna have fun…

P.P.S. Photo of the week: New HSUS ads in action!

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