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Ro & Co. is a vegan handbag company based in Montreal (that’s totally in Canada!) that launched last year, and they’re pretty dope. First, I love Canada. All the best white comedians are from Canada and Canada produces the best teen dramas in THE WORLD! Seriously, we would be way better adjusted if we watched Canadian teen shows instead of 90210; they have episodes just about like getting boners in math class! And then half the kids are weird looking ,and another quarter are just plain busted. It’s the best! Secondly, I love vegan bags so this company is right up my alley!

Because I am a superstar vegan fashionteer (“fashionista” makes me vom), Ro & Co. sent me a bag to review.* Yay! Canadian vegan shwag! This purse is the Audrina from the Caiman collection. It’s a clutch—I’m totally into clutches. They make you look like a lady! Which is as close to being a lady as I will ever get. Normally I like the wristlet kind because I lose things like it’s my job, but on special occasions I’ll roll with the regular strapless clutch. I really like the way the purse looks; it’s kind of ladylike, kind of badass. The weaving adds interest to the plain shape and makes it cool. It doesn’t look like leather, it looks more on the plastic, but it’s supposed to be crocodile/patent-leather-style so that’s what I was expecting. My main concern is that it’s not lined! The purse is actually woven pieces of the faux leather so there are nooks and crannies on the interior. They’re only big enough to steal nickels and pennies from you but still, it would be soooo much nicer if it was lined.

Check me out, I made an official outfit to go with the purse! Perfect for a night on the town! You know, like the magazines do! Goddamn I’m so adorable, I don’t know how you stand it. The earrings are from some store in the Mission. Don’t be jealous. The shoes are Novacas from Mooshoes and they are the hotness. They go really well with a vodka tonic too because the heel is too high for me to walk in while I’m sober.

Oh! BOYS! They got wallets and whatnot—you know, boy stuff. Because money is for boys.

*FTC disclosure: The purse was sent to me by Ro & Co. to review.

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