Vegan Iron Chef in SF! Featuring NYC’s Jay Astafa and more!  »


Well you guys, this looks downright fantasmic! It’s a live, vegan version of the Iron Chef! And this time around, Vegansaurus fave Jay Astafa is competing! So if you’re in the bay area, you have to go! Exclamation point!

Here’s the set up:

Theme: Impromptu Sunday Dinner Party for 10!

Chefs will be presented with a 3 basket of ingredients and they will have to make 1 appetizer (in 20 minutes), 1 entree (in 45 minutes), and 1 dessert (in 20 minutes).

The chefs will have access to the same ingredients and equipment, and will have 2 sous-chefs helping them.

So exciting! And Colleen Patrick Goudreau is one of the judges! It’s $30-50 for tickets and word is it will definitely sell out. There is a nice-sounding reception after the winner is announced:

Reception with Miyoko Schinner’s cheeses, appetizers prepared by Well.Fed featuring Field Roast and rhizocali Tempeh, & scoops of gelato by Genuto.

UM YES PLEASE! Event is March 23rd. Get your tickets here. AND TELL ME HOW IT IS I’M SO JEALS!

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