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Holy coconut, vegans! I just* tried the best cookies ever. These raw, vegan, gluten-free macaroons are like little kisses from an angel. I took more samples than was dignified, and if they’d been for sale at VegFest Colorado, where I tried them, I would have taken home a whole case and eaten them until I puked.

Somehow these morsels defy the laws of physics, because the vanilla ones are even better than the chocolate ones, which are a bit drier—I suspect that’s due to the cocoa powder. Overall, both kinds taste rich and creamy without being overly sweet. 

Hail Merry is based in Dallas but they sell their orgasms in a bag around the country, mostly at Whole Foods. Click here to see if they’re near you.

The company also gave me a sample of their raw granola. It’s nutty, sweet, and a little bit chewy. The texture reminds me of Kashi GoLean but better-tasting, more like the crumbles on a coffee cake. In conclusion, YUM.

*i.e., less than a month ago. 

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