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Yes. This is the place with foie gras ice cream on the menu. And that is super duper fucking disgusting. I mean, it’s the grossest. So far as I can tell, it’s only on the online menu and not being sold in the store but still, the grossest. Everyone should write Humphry Slocombe and ask nicely for it to be taken off the menu because again, THE GROSSEST.

HOWEVER. I will say that dairy is also THE GROSSEST. Oh and there’s also this.

So if you’re going to buy soy cream or sorbet at a place that doesn’t also manufacture crappy-ass dairy products then you’ll only support the most wonderful of companies like Turtle Mountain and Chicago Soy Dairy. And if you do, that’s really great.

But some of us choose to support both vegan-only businesses and businesses that offer vegan options. By doing that, we are creating a demand. And by creating a demand on the vegan products, that clues companies into the fact that we vegans are here, we are growing in population every day, and it would be smart to include us in their big picture. And the more vegan options are available, the more often people who aren’t vegan will choose them and like them and see that vegan isn’t so bad and maybe is actually kinda good and in turn, the message of veganism is spread by someone other than this fool. You dig?

Now I’ll shut up and write a review.

Humphry Slocombe has some damn delicious vegan creations. I’ve been three times. I’ve tried the Valhrona Fudgesicle which tastes like a Tootsie roll but more expensive and it’s vegan. Next, we tried the Thai Chili Lime. Jonas describes it, “like a Thai chile with lime. I don’t know, it was green.” It was spicy and tangy, if you’re into that. Finally, we tried the Carrot Mango. That was THE BEST. It was all super creamy and smooth and carrot and mango?! Who knew!? They have a bunch of flavors that I want to try too. I love fancy shit. Every time I go, I let the people working know that I’m vegan and I am excited that they offer vegan options and I hope that there will be more in the future. I think that’s an important thing, when you go somewhere to be clear that you are vegan, you are not crazy and you are there to DO BUSINESS. The counter people are always friendly and quick to point out what I can eat a lot of. I will say, they don’t seem especially concerned with attracting vegans. It kinda sucks that a bunch of people have written letters about the foie gras and not gotten even a polite response telling them to fuck off. It’s like, come on. We are people too. Some of us are very much in like with your adorable tiny storefront in our neighborhood. If you cater to us, we will shout it from the rooftops. Trust me, Maggie Mudd basically makes a living off us. You don’t have to go that far but with a few little things (like maybe signs on what flavors are vegan? Or posting it on your website? Or offering a vegan fudge for sundaes?) would go a long way to making a lot of vegans (and people who love vegans) more all about you. And you want us to be all about you. Because we are AWESOME and also SUPER ATTRACTIVE and also HAVE BIG-ASS MOUTHS. It’s true.

UPDATE: After reading Melisser’s and Howard’s postings below (and the 7x7 article), I am officially done with this place. Makes no sense to patronize a business that is willfully shitty towards vegans. Sucks because the ice cream was pretty good. Oh well, I can get better up the hill at Maggie Mudd.

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