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You likely know about the progress being made for pigs in North America, with numerouscorporate and public policies to phase out gestation crates. Well, today Arcos Dorados’ (McDonald’s in Latin America) issued a new announcement restricting gestation crate use, the first of its kind in South America.

Speaking of other countries, I’m looking forward to being in Winnipeg (Canada, for those of you as geographically challenged as I am…) next week. Here’s The Manitoban’s story about it.

If you live in the U.S. though, you may be getting ready to pay your taxes. Business Week has aninteresting column on the idea of taxing meat.

In that vein, lots of members of Congress and state legislators are pledging to go meat-free for a week as part of the very cool US Veg Week campaign. Check ‘em out and share the link!

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P.S. Video of the week: Could a chicken really outsmart a kid?

P.P.S. I hope to see you at the awesome Taking Action for Animals conference in DC June 27-30!

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