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Your Vegansaurus spends a lot of time reading the internet. Today, we share with you some sites we’ve been enjoying of late.

Especially for the gentlemen, we present The Discerning Brute. Joshua Katcher created this site as “a resource for intelligent men who want to make ethical, informed decisions concerning their lifestyles.” It’s really great, especially the delightful “Concrete Catwalk.”

It is pretty all right, right? We recommend The Discerning Brute for anyone looking to dress an ethical man, or dress like an ethical man, whichever.

We also like our friend Marijka’s brand-new blog, Vegan in the City. The titular city is Berlin, and Marijka writes about her vegan lifestyle in Germany. She writes in English, too, not her first language, and we are very impressed with her skills.

Next-next Monday, 16 March, the documentary Death on a Factory Farm premiers on HBO. Filmed undercover on Wiles Hog Farm, it took three years to make, and looks to be serious Real Talk. We don’t have HBO, but then some of us have very, very low tolerance for onscreen violence and probably shouldn’t watch anyway.

Another “Modern Food Production Is Fucked Up” film to look out for is Food, Inc., which is apparently doing very well at film festivals, and will open to wider audiences later this year—not entirely sure when, its sites are fuzzy on detail, but check out a (strangely unembeddable) preview here. This isn’t news-news, as other food sites have been talking about it since its debut at the Toronto Film Festival in September, but that’s ok, because OTHER FOOD SITES are all excited about a documentary that shows (among other things), the treatment of animals on factory farms. Imagine that! Of course Our Lord and Savior Michael g-d Pollan is all over it, as well as Alice Waters, both of whom are all crazy for “humane” meat and all that nonsense, and their names lend the film a lot of weight in Serious Food Persons circles. (and you know Serious Food Persons are way too Serious About Food to ever stop eating animals, that’d be like a Serious Literature Person giving up fiction! A TRAVESTY MY GOD.) In this case, it benefits the vegan agenda as well: come for the yelling about corn syrup and seasonless produce, stay for the insane violence perpetrated against your fucking “protein,” home chefs. Clearly we have high hopes about Food, Inc.; may they not go entirely disappointed.

Any recommendations for your Vegansaurus? Do please share them in the comments!

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