Reader Dan “Meow” Moore of Vegan Alternative Perth (Vegansaurus loves you too, Australia!) wrote about this Nat Geo Wild episode about the Cat Ranch at the Kings, which is amazing.

I love a “crazy cat lady” stereotype as much as the next guy (who likes them A LOT—that guy would surround himself with feline-adicted ladies if he could) but this isn’t a story about your average spinster with a whole litter of cats she talks to just a little too often.

Lynea Lattanzio is something of a local hero: she operates the Cat House on the Kings, a no-cage, no-kill cat shelter (the largest in California!) out of her own property. Her focus is on spaying and neutering (she has her own freakin’ surgery!) and old-fashioned “tough love” education for irresponsible cat-owners.

This should act as a memo to all of the little veganimals out there reading this: ADOPT YOUR PETS FROM SHELTERS! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO ADOPT FROM SHELTERS! And GET THEM DE-SEXED! Generally shelter pets are spayed, neutered, have their shots, and they need homes, you guys! ‘Cause I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that not all of them are lucky enough to get to live out their golden years at a cat ranch like this one.

End of PSA. Now you can watch the videos, narrated by Jane Lynch, or go and find some YouTube videos of cats.

[This post originally appeared on Vegan Alternative Perth. Thanks, Dan!]

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