Native Foods Cafe Gets Hella $$ To Expand  »

I would completely pay $15 million dollars to eat Native Foods’ Soul Bowls for life. Photo by Bing / Flickr

Native Foods just got more mainstream, in the bestest most amazing way! Several moneybags private capitol investment people just decided the whole Native concept was worth $15 million, so BAM! Native Foods Cafes will now be literally everywhere. There’s one opening in my living room.

Get the full details via hard-hitting Nation’s Restaurant News.

Key points: 

  • Same owners
  • Chicago and Colorado helped prove the concept worked nationally (you’re welcome, I eat at the Boulder one SO MUCH)
  • 12-14 new locations opening this year (including 5 in DC), another 25-30 in 2015, and hopefully 200 by 2019. 

BRING IT ON, Native Foods! One day we’ll be telling our grandkids about the days when the only good road trip food for vegans was Chipotle. Psych, remember when Subway was literally the only thing?!?

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