Product Review: Greenbody Basics deodorant!   »


I already went over the trials and tribulations of finding an awesome vegan deodorant the last time I gushed about a brand I loved, so I’m going to keep this quick.

Greenbody Basics brand deodorant is phenom! I got a sample in my April Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, and I’m super into it. At first I was skeptical, because it came with a little pamphlet about how you get kind of smelly when you detox from using non-vegan and aluminum-full brands. When I finally gave it a whirl, though, everything was hunky dory. I also like tea tree and rosemary, so I’m glad I got to try the balanced scent. it was just right!

I’m so pleased to have choices when it comes to vegan deodorants. You can pick up a tube of Greenbody at the website or over at Vegan Cuts

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