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You guys, Esther the Wonder Pig and her two dads are doing an IndieGoGo to raise money to build a farm sanctuary!

In case you’ve been living somewhere other than the Internet, Esther was a sweet little pig who grew up to be a 450-pound even sweeter pig! Her dads, who were inspired to go vegan after adopting her, dreamed of buying a farm animal sanctuary where they could care for animals who have been abandoned and/or abused. Now it’s finally becoming a reality: They bought a property for $900,000 CAD in Campbellville, Ontario, about 45 minutes from Toronto, but they need our help to raise the rest of the funds before their 60-day grace period is up!

Donate to the sanctuary and win sweet perks like:

  • Meeting Esther
  • Esther T-shirts
  • Grand opening sanctuary tour VIP tickets.
  • Custom metal plates engraved with your name

… and more!

The campaign goes until June 30. At the time of this post, they’ve raised about $83,000, but are aiming to raise $400,000 Canadian! I’m told those are pretty similar to normal dollars. Click here to donate!

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