You know I write the Week in Vegan over at SF Weekly, right?  »

 I mean, I tweet about it a-fucking-nough. Anyway, here’s a tidbit from today’s masterpiece:

Madeline Pickens, the wife of T. Boone Pickens, billionaire energy tycoon and man with the world’s best name, is on a mission to save wild horses from complete devastation. You see, cattle ranchers claim the horses are eating all the grass and drinking all the water that’s meant to fatten up cows for slaughter. OH BOO FUCKING HOO! You go on, rich powerful lady, fuck shit up. You’re fighting the good fight, your hair is fierce, and I want me a pair of those cowboy boots in size vegan clubfoot. WHAT? I CAN’T BE PERFECT.

You can read all that AND SO MUCH MORE in every Friday’s Week in Vegan! Plus, sometimes there’s a special edition where vegan candy bars fly from the screen and hit you in the nuts. SO FUN!

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